Eugene, OR – FosterParentCollege.com® announced today the immediate availability of the new, highly-interactive course Understanding Noncompliance which is part of an online, advanced parenting workshop series.
“Most parents appreciate and expect cooperation for their children,” says Dr. Rick Delaney, the instructor for the course. “Foster, kinship, and adoptive parents have a challenging job in helping a child
learn to balance his or her own needs, with the need to be a cooperative member of the family.”
Understanding Noncompliance is a six credit hour course which
uses discussion exercises and interactions with a teaching
assistant to delve deep into the reasons children are
noncompliant. The course focuses on the relationship between
compliance and past trauma experiences. Topics include the
spectrum of cooperation and noncompliance, understanding how
trauma contributes to a child’s noncompliant behavior, and
helping a child deal with the aftereffects of trauma. With the help
of Dr. Delaney and his assistants, participants examine two family studies and explore parenting strategies for youth in care who are noncompliant.
The creation of Understanding Noncompliance was made possible through a Small Business Innovation Research Grant (#R44 HD056645) from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to Northwest Media, Inc., parent company of FosterParentCollege.com.
This highly-interactive web course is available 24/7 on the FosterParentCollege.com website FosterParentCollege.com® provides interactive, online training for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents. There are over 50 self-paced courses available at this time, including three additional courses in the Advanced Parenting Workshop series on anger, lying, and taking things.
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