NFPA is proud to present our newest publication to benefit foster caregivers and the children they so diligently serve.

THE JOURNEY is designed to complement the paperwork already required by child protection programs.  We know that a mini-step for one child may be a giant leap for another.  It is important to jot down those “little things” that often are not captured in required paperwork since those “little things” are often the truer picture of who the child really is.

THE JOURNEY can be a lifesaver when going to court to help everyone better know and understand the child the way you know and understand the child. We hope THE JOURNEY will become an important part of our daily ritual because of the value it can bring to your ability to best raise the child(ren) during the time they are with you.

THE JOURNEY includes articles and other information NFPA believes will be helpful to you as you learn and grow as a foster caregiver.

Additional benefits of the book:

  • Quick access to important information and numbers
  • Foster Child Bill of Rights
  • Foster Parent Bill of Rights
  • Code of Ethics for Foster Parents
  • Tips to successfully work with birth parents
  • Substance Abuse
  • Childhood Traumatic Grief

Order your copy for $9.95

Journal Pages

Journal Pages









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