Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

The NFPA is Honored to be Part of the Combined Federal Campaign.

Thank you for considering us as your charity of choice. Your pledge means the National Foster Parent Association can continue our mission to be a national voice for foster, kinship, and adoptive families through networking, education, and advocacy.

Our CFC charity code is #11817.

As a member of the federal community, you have some specific benefits in giving through this unique campaign.

Here are six reasons to give through the CFC:

1. The hard part is done. Thousands of charities are already vetted and approved for you to choose from.

2. It’s so convenient. You can pledge via payroll deduction and spread your gift out over the course of the year.

3. You choose your favorites. You can even support multiple charities in one pledge.

4. It’s easy to renew. The secure online giving platform makes it easy to renew your gift each year.

5. You can even volunteer. Don’t limit your giving! Extend your impact by pledging volunteer hours.

6. We can have a BIG impact. Together we have a collective impact, supporting thousands of charities that depend on our generosity.


A Real-Life Story

Kathy Harrison, a foster mom, had just taken a new placement to the ER, a 10-month old baby boy with bruises on his face and his eye nearly swollen shut. They drew many not-so-pleasant stares in the ER waiting room. In her words, “Not for the last time, I wished for a T-shirt that said, ‘Don’t blame me. I’m just the foster mom.’

Subsequent X-rays showed David had five broken ribs and healed fractures in his arm. “I couldn’t erase the last ten months for David. I couldn’t make any promises for the future. For now, I could keep him safe and warm. I could rock him and sing him a lullaby, which is what I did until he fell asleep in my arms.

At that moment, foster care became not just something I did but part of who I was and who I could be. I could make a difference, a real difference in a child’s life. This baby would never know about me. Still, because I had loved him, cared about him, I was a part of him. It made me feel that what I did matter in a way it hadn’t before.”

Katherine Harrison, Another Place at the Table.

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