The National Foster Parent Association is pleased to introduce Keri Vellis and her book SOMETIMES!

Keri Vellis, an experienced Foster Parent in Sonoma County, has written an engaging children’s book to comfort foster kids who are displaced from their homes. Keri’s goal is to help children who are transitioning to another home feel good about themselves, and understand that there can be loving people around them as well as happiness in their lives.

Keri knew she needed to find an illustrator who could convey the emotions and tone of her story with lively and colorful art. She was introduced to illustrator Jin Lehr, who happened to be a one-time foster child herself. Having aged out of the system, Jin understood the emotions of what Keri had written because she had gone through it as a child. The main character starts the journey timidly clutching a teddy bear in new surroundings. While experiencing positive family activities the child finds happiness and releases the fear, as well as the bear.

Keri and her husband are passionate and involved parents of six children: three biological and three adopted through the foster care system. She has three more books in the works all geared to identify and comfort children who have experienced difficult situations.

Keri will donate $1 per sale back to NFPA.  Books are available on the website

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