I was put into a foster home November 1968 to August 1976.

I was placed with the best family ever.  I finally felt like I belonged.  I was number seven out of nine at that time.  My biological parents had two more after we got taken away. I was only five years old.

Being in the same foster home for eight years and not shuffled around was the stability that I needed.

My foster family was Joann and Ken from New York.  When I came back to my biological family the feeling of not belonging and no one caring for me came back.  I wish someone would have told me that after a 30 day trial with my biological parents I had a choice to go back to the foster home or stay with them.

My foster parents and I kept in touch all these years.  They visited us and we visited them even though we were in Jersey City at the time.  Unfortunately, dad passed in 2006 and mom in 2014.  Hated going to upstate New York for the funerals but I miss them so much.

My brothers (mom had two sons) still see each other and visit each other.  I am glad that her sons accepted me.  I was there one year before my biological sister, who’s foster home wasn’t good, so now I have a sister too.  I was truly blessed.

This is my story.  Stability is the best thing that happened to me.  So whoever placed me with my foster family, I would love to say THANK YOU.

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