In early 2016, NFPA was contacted by United Healthcare, Inc. NFPA was invited to submit a proposal to support the ability of United Healthcare staff to develop and/or strengthen their basic understanding of the foster care and child protection system to help improve communication on behalf of the children, families and staff. NFPA responded to this invitation by submitting a proposal that was accepted by United Healthcare, Inc.

NFPA established a team of four NFPA members to accomplish this work. Eileen Pasztor, DSW, and Karen Poteet, MPA, are both members of the NFPA Board of Directors and are the main researchers and writers of the curriculum. Jean Fiorito, BA, NFPA Consultant, assists with research and writing and serves as the main reviewer and editor. Irene Clements, CDA, NFPA Executive Director, serves as the Project Manager.

The curriculum aims to help United Healthcare staff develop additional skills and empathy for the circumstances that impact members. Addressing responses, approaches, and systems focuses on helping United Healthcare staff address the specific needs of those involved in the out-of-home care system, and seeks to ease the burdens and barriers to accessing quality physical and behavioral health care.

Two of the NFPA team members, Eileen Pasztor and Karen Poteet, are implementing this in-person training for United Healthcare staff in Kansas this week. November will bring this in-person training to United Healthcare staff in Nebraska.

The NFPA team is also working on a second curriculum for United Healthcare that will be provided electronically to their staff. This curriculum will be completed by the end of the year.

Thank you to United Healthcare, Inc. for trusting the National Foster Parent Association with this important project.


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