The National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts (NSTA) is an innovative collaboration between professional arts, the educational and medical communities and the Department of Health and Human Services. NSTA promotes a holistic learning environment using wrap around services, individualized for each youth’s educational and personal well-being. NSTA is a collaboration integrating education, creative arts, and trauma informed care while providing a scholastic and homelike environment. We want our foster children ages 15 to 22 to get the very best possible education, using theatrical arts as our guide. They will learn from the best and become the creative people that they have inside. Youth from all 50 states and territories will be welcome. We are very excited to change the direction of education for this amazing group of young people.


NSTA LOGO CONTEST: Today’s vision will soon become tomorrow’s vitality …

We think so. That’s why we are building “The Schoolhouse” – Starting with our initial prototype in NYC then moving throughout the country we want to prove that theatre arts can make a difference! We are reaching out to you today to help us identify creative kids in foster care that might be able to design our logo. There will be a TBA grand prize for the one design chosen that best elucidates our mission and vision. Still, every child is a winner and all artwork will be shared worldwide in our virtual gallery. Help us share this with your students so that we can all get creative!

So… Let’s Get Moving…. Join us … AT THE SCHOOLHOUSE.

We are making a play for success!

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