We Never Outgrow the Need for FamilyApproximately 30 percent of the United States foster care population comprises youth ages 13 to 18 years old and, last year, 23,000 youth aged out of care without any legal tie to a family. Through adoption, youth experience a sense of stability, as well as receive the guidance and support they need as they transition to adulthood and begin to make important decisions about their future. This year, our theme challenges the myth that older youth can’t or don’t want to be adopted.

Visit the National Adoption Month website to find resources, videos, and tools to help raise awareness about the need for adoptive families for older youth, including this year’s Public Service Announcement. Our website also highlights information to help support families and youth wherever they may be in the adoption process.

This year’s goal for National Adoption Month is to inspire you to support adoption efforts for older youth in foster care and pass along the important message that “We Never Outgrow the Need for Family.”

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