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This level of membership is available to all foster parents, child welfare personnel, and individuals concerned with the welfare of children.

While supplies last, our partner United Healthcare has made available FREE Regular Memberships & Renewals to the NFPA!

New Member: Use code UHCFMEMBER

Renewals: use code UHCFRENEW

Click HERE to get started.

You have the choice of two Regular Membership options:

  • Annual Renewal – you will receive email reminders prior to the expiration date to renew your membership.
  • Easy Auto Renewal – your annual membership will be renewed automatically through a secure charge to your credit card.

You will receive a receipt by email for each charge. Use the form below to start your membership.

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Form won’t move past ‘Next’?

If you are here to sign up using the UHC FREE Membership code, but are having issues with the ‘Next’ button on this page, CLICK HERE.

Is neither code working for you?

If you were a member whose account lapsed more than a year ago, the codes may not work for you.

No problem! Email us at and we’ll process the renewal for you.

Step Up your Membership to become a Friend of NFPA!

Do you want to step up to the next level of membership? Consider joining as a Friend of NFPA so you can be both a member and a supporter.

Get more information here.

Important Notes

  • If you prefer an invoice, click the Send Invoice button when completing form.
  • If you have any payment questions, please contact us at

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