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NFPA is committed to being the national voice of foster parents and to continuously working to ensure that all foster families have the support and services they need to best meet the needs of abused and neglected children placed into their homes. NFPA and the State and Local Affiliate foster parent associations work together to make these commitments a reality nationally.

In order to continue to support and to enhance NFPA’s mission, NFPA has introduced the Friends of NFPA tiered support program. This program offers benefits based on the amount of your monthly donation pledge.

Through participation in this program, you become a Friend of NFPA and strengthen NFPA while the organization’s leadership works to meet the many challenges ahead during these tough economic times. By caring for and supporting the foster families, the children will have their greatest chance at success!

The Friends of NFPA program has three tiers of support:


$15 per month, or $180 one-time per year


$25 per month, or $300 one-time per year


$50 per month, or $600 one-time per year

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