As the National Professional Trade Organization of Foster Families, the National Foster Parent Association is focused on advocating and serving front line foster parents across the United States who provide homes for abused and neglected children.

Many of you are grandparents or aunts/uncles caring for your child or sibling’s children.  Others are families who have been called to care for the orphans within our country.  However you came to be a foster, adoptive, or kinship caregivers makes no difference…your commonalities are that you are giving of yourself, your time, your resources, and most importantly, your love to a child in need.  We love and support you and ask that you choose to join us at NFPA as we help you navigate this tough, yet rewarding field.

Individual family memberships are only $35/year.  Please join our mission to fight for families who are selflessly giving of themselves to children.

To join, please visit us at NFPA Membership.  Thank you!

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