The National Foster Parent Association, in partnership with Gloria Consuelo Villagomez, MSW and Eileen Mayers Pasztor, DSW, from the California State University, Long Beach School of Social Work are proud to introduce Helping Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers Support High School Graduation for Children in Their Care: A Self-Instructional Workbook.

The purpose of “Helping Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers Support High School Graduation for Children in Their Care: A Self-Instructional Workbook” is to help parents and caregivers with the young people in their care to navigate the crucial last 2 years of high school and towards graduation. This project included a literature review and a rationale for a self-instructional design.  Activities include true/false questions about the benefits of graduation, identification of strengths and positive traits, personal resources, and strategies for motivating youth. Foster and kinship caregivers may work individually, with family members, or with child welfare workers. The design aims to: (a) accommodate foster and kinship caregiver’s busy schedules; (b) allow own pace learning; (c) skip or go back to sections that are timely;  (d) provide a suitable and comprehensive guide that enhances needed information and abilities; and (e) has activities that are immediately useful or can be available for future support.

This resource uses a self-directed design so that foster parents can work with this resource on their own, with other members of their families and/or other social workers or other service providers. This workbook includes both activities and resources for future support.

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