You might not be able to tell what this is on this cool crisp fall morning at 7:15am. I would like to know how many days and how many of these big yellow buses I have watched come down the road. How many different kiddo’s have stood by my side ready for a new day and so much life to look forward to.
By my side today stood a sweet 4 year old holding a dead weed. She said as she held it out to me, this is for love. This made me think about the close to 300 others gone before. Where are they? Are they on a dark road watching their own munchkins step on a big yellow bus? Are they happy, do they remember?
It won’t be long until this time will be over for Steve and I. I know many of you don’t believe me (especially my family) but we will retire from foster care. In January it will be 32 years!!! Who knew that this young couple (so many years ago) so excited to be “called” by GOD, would still be making this trek down a dark country road so many years later….Watching one more head off to school. Safe…loved…sometimes for the first time in their lives.
I watched this same little one on top of Papa’s shoulders headed for the big yellow bus yesterday. So many others on those big shoulders… Another place another time another child… still echoes in my mind!
I guess I’m just too sentimental! I know my kids would say I am. Steve is positive I am, but for right now I’m just thankful. Even with all of our faults and so many failures he chose us!!!! Easy? Not on your life! Heartbreaking? More than anyone will ever know. Rewarding? Yes!
This is my prayer today… “Lord I pray for every abused hurting child. Somewhere today let them see you. Let one more person dedicate their life to healing these children by sharing their home, their time, their love; their lives. Father, You said in your word if we have done it unto the least of these we’ve done it unto you! Raise them up Lord! The workers are so few!!! God, let them know you are not looking for perfect, but a willing heart.”


Lana Freeman and her family live in Oklahoma. Lana is currently the Secretary of the National Foster Parent Association. Your donation to NFPA will help provide advocacy, educational activities, supports and services to the thousands of foster families across the country. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to show your support – www.nfpaonline.org

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