Cate Hawks

One of the privileges that I have as the NFPA President is the opportunity to award an NFPA member who has given their all to the cause of our organization in the previous year with the President’s Award.  This year I am honored to share with everyone of you the contributions of Cate Hawks who has worked above and beyond the past two years to bring an outstanding training convention to foster, kinship and adoptive parents.

In addition to her position as the Director of New Found Families of Virginia, and her commitment to kinship families through the National Kinship Alliance for Children, Cate worked countless hours on both the 2015 and 2016 NFPA conventions. Her unwavering dedication to excellence stems from her desire to make sure that the families she serves always get the best she has to give and she never disappoints.

In her years of working with and for families Cate Hawks has earned the respect of professionals and the gratitude of the families that she serves with endless energy and genuine caring.  Cate not only takes on whatever challenges that will further the causes she cares deeply about, she also raises up everyone around her, casting the light on those working with her and the people they serve rather than herself.

It was with immense appreciation that I presented Cate Hawks with the 2016 NFPA President’s award at this year’s NFPA convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Thank you Cate for all you have done for the NFPA and all you strive to do for families every day!

Pat Llewellyn, NFPA President


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