Another month has passed and although we all wish things could be back to normal, the new normal has not deterred our efforts to keep the NFPA involved at the national level on issues that affect you and those in your care, as well as responding to your many calls and emails. 

Some of these efforts include: 

Producing one episode of Coffee with Caregivers with a guest each week while continuing to work on identifying topics and guests for future episodes and contacting the guests to schedule a time for the LIVE production of their episode.

Serving on a panel of four to help New York celebrate National Foster Care Month.  My presence and interaction with the group generated the interest of the new Executive Director of the New York state foster parent association.  He has now joined the New York state association as a member of the NFPA and our Council of State Affiliates (CoSA). The New York Association is a welcome addition to this essential and dynamic group.

Representing the NFPA as one of 8 people representing 8 agencies within the foster care system who are all members of the Child Welfare League of America on a virtual call with 6 staff representatives from the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee and the U.S. Senate’s Finance Committee on June 2, 2020, to inform them of the needs of foster families and children during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Working with federal staff on spreading the word on how to alert foster parents who have not yet received their stimulus checks to find out why and how may do so.

Working with federal staff on obtaining information on what foster parents should do if they received federal stimulus checks for children they no longer had in their families and received an IRS clarification on June 24, 2020 that was shared with our constituents and during a Coffee with Caregivers episode.

Working with JBS International and the University of Florida to assist both in responding to a federal request for proposal (RFP) to develop the National Quality Improvement Center on Family-Centered Reunification and the role the NFPA would play during the 5-year project should either entity be selected as the proposal winner. Will keep you posted on any progress.

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