Another challenging month has passed but I have always viewed a challenge as an unexpected opportunity, so life can move on.   Our two staff, myself and Sharon Holman, our Administrative Coordinator, have continued to respond to questions from numerous members, many reporters (one from Honolulu this month) and participated in monthly conference calls with the CWLA Commission, CWLA Conference Planning Committee, National Foster Care Month Planning Group, the SAFE Coalition on Human Rights, our Strategic Planning Operations Group and many others.

I wrote an article for the July/August issue of Fostering Families Today magazine and represented the NFPA on a FosterMore Coalition call.  FosterMore is a non-profit established by David Ambrose, a former foster youth and a vice president at Disney.  Special thanks to Fostering Families Today magazine for devoting two pages of each edition of the magazine to the NFPA.

In addition to all the training information provided in the “You Asked” portion of this Insider, the NFPA Training Institute Steering Committee has identified 20 workshops scheduled for the 2020 annual conference to be featured as webinars between June 1 and the end of the year. The webinars will be facilitated by the Child Welfare Information Gateway, recorded and then added to the website.

Regardless of the challenging times, the NFPA is continuing to serve foster caregivers across the country in many ways – some old standbys and other new and exciting.  I hope you are taking advantage of these options and opportunities and spreading the news to others who can also benefit from our outreach and advocacy work.  

The NFPA receives no federal or state funding so we truly rely on people to join the NFPA as a member.  Each membership enables us to not only continue our work but develop new options for our members.  

Thank you for your dedication to foster care and the children and families who need you.

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