We hope you will join CHAMPS in May and throughout the year in expressing appreciation to the amazing foster parents across the country who step in to provide a safe, stable family for children in foster care. On their website, you can check out many ways to say thanks to foster parents for all they do to help children and families heal and thrive. They are valued members of every community and it’s our honor to acknowledge them for all they do. And please visit again. In the coming days, CHAMPS will be adding new information and tools, including a new social media toolkit, sample letters to send to policymakers and more.


CHAMPS needs your help. CHAMPS is collecting stories of amazing foster families as part of a national effort to recognize and thank families for all they do to help children and families heal and thrive. In May, they will launch a special section of their website to feature stories of foster families from around the country. Right now, we hope you’ll help collect stories of foster families. You can help if you’re a foster parent, an alumni of foster care or someone who knows and/or cares about foster parents. Please take a couple of minutes to help by filling out this online form. You can also learn more from this guide on how to share foster family stories.

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