The deadline for youth to apply for one of the many Horatio Alger Association scholarships is October 25. For foster youth in their senior year, foster alumni and for youth adopted from foster care – this is a great place to seek scholarships for higher education.

The Association has a new scholarship program this year. This is the Career and Technical Scholarships program. There is no hard deadline for this scholarship program. 510 scholarships are available and to date, 275 have been awarded.

Please go to for more information and for an application. If you are reading this article and know a youth that might be interested, please encourage them to apply and assist them if needed.

The National Foster Parent Association is proud to partner with the Horatio Alger Association by spreading the word to our constituents across the country so more youth learn of this incredible association and the many scholarships available every year. So far this application season, 17 youth have applied that indicated they heard about the program through the National Foster Parent Association. Help us help many more youth know of this opportunity so they, too, can apply.



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