Like Cox Automotive we, too, are working to solve the most pressing problems of our time.

NFPA's Mission is to be a respected national voice for Foster, Kinship and Adoptive parents through Networking, Education and Advocacy.

We have a big problem, and we need your help.

Almost 3,000,000 children in the United States are in temporary care.

And, we do not have enough foster families to care for them.

They come to foster families frightened, confused and unsure of what their future holds.

Our job is to equip and empower foster parents to provide care for these children, oftentimes at a moment’s notice.

Partnerships and sponsorships allow us to:

  • Connect foster parents with resources, organizations, and each other.
  • Learn the best practices that can make them successful.
  • Advocate for the support they need.


Why We Do What We Do

Foster Families Are A Vital Community Resource

Foster families are a safety net.

We are a vital community resource for hundreds of thousands of children across the United States.

These children cannot remain safely at home.

368,000 children are estimated to be in foster care.

2,500,000 are estimated to be in kinship care.

There is a Shortage of Foster Families

In spite of the tremendous need, there is a critical shortage of foster homes.

More than half of all states saw a significant decline in licensed foster homes last year.

Some states saw cuts as high as 61%.

NFPA helps aid recruitment and retention by providing valuable support for foster parents.


NFPA brings deep expertise on foster parenting through authentic, lived experience.

First-Hand Knowledge

We know first-hand about the challenges children in foster care face.

Making a Difference

We know what a positive difference it makes in children’s lives when they are cared for by supportive foster families.


Supporting Foster and Kinship Parents

These individuals form the largest group of stakeholders in the system (beyond the children). The work we do represents them to all other stakeholder groups, including agency staff, judges, lawyers, bio-parents, and medical/behavioural health providers. This work also builds connection horizontally and vertically within the foster and kinship care system.


Equipping Foster Parents

Our goal is to equip foster parents with the resources and support they need to provide care for their families and the foster children they take into their families.


The Epidemic

  • Homelessness
  • Alcoholism/opioid crisis
  • Abuse and violence in the home
  • Differences in State systems (State vs Commonwealth)
  • Public vs. Private

Foster Parents' 5 Core Needs

  1. Daycare/ Early Childhood Interventions
  2. Accessible, 24/7 Mental Health Care
  3. Adequate Rate remuneration and Certified Caregivers for Relief and Respite
  4. Peer-to-Peer Support for Parents and Children
  5. Targeted and assessable training for Parents and Families 24/7


Supporting foster parents and caregivers is critical to youth having permanency, whether it’s reunifying with their families or having lifelong family through guardianship or adoption.

Our key strategies for providing support to foster parents include:

  • Networking

  • Education

  • Advocacy


CoSA – Council of State Affiliates

NFPA members can join their state affiliate foster parent organization to connect with other foster parents in their area.

The goal is to utilize the collective knowledge and expertise found at  the local level to make a difference for foster and adoptive parents at the national level.

Annual Education Conference

Foster parents from across the country gather to share and support one another.

Parent Resources

Help connect foster parents with resources and opportunities to network.


We help connect foster parents with essential resources from top experts as well as opportunities to network.


The National Foster Parent Association Training Institute offers 24/7 free videos from experts in the field of child welfare and those with lived experience. Certificates are provided for hours of training required of foster parents by most states.

Annual Education Conference

Provides a 2 day venue where caregivers can network, participate in workshops led by experts, meet with peers, and ask important questions.

Coffee with Caregivers

Interviews with “those in the know” – experts, and those with lived experience on topics of interest.


NFPA Council of State Affiliates

Annually CoSA members visit their legislators on Capitol Hill to discuss current and upcoming legislation that affects foster care and child welfare, including our sponsorship of House Bill 3058, ‘Recruiting Families Using Data Act of 2023’

Board of Directors Member and CoSA Secretary Tammy Wells Discusses Visiting Capitol Hill

Annual Education Conference

Provides a 2 day venue where caregivers can network, participate in workshops led by experts, meet with peers, and ask important questions.

Focus Groups

NFPA facilitates ongoing surveys and focus groups to ensure we are meeting expectations and to learn the needs of foster, adoptive and kinship parents.


Help Us Strengthen Our State Affiliate Network (CoSA)

Growing and developing CoSA is key to our mission to “speak with one voice.” Child welfare systems vary from state-to-state and there are many inequities in policies and processes.

Providing opportunities for networking and collaboration for foster parent state leaders can address challenges and bring best practices to the top to even out the inequities for the great good of all foster children.

We have a good start but we need to more fully develop the affiliate program and more fully engage all states.

Ideas for Sponsorship Funding

  • Fall CoSA State Leaders Legislative Conference
  • Ongoing CoSA Development and Growth


  • Increased State and Local connections and relationships.
  • Facilitating best practices for state leaders.
  • Delivering a united front for legislation for foster care support.


NFPA’s CoSA States + States with Cox Locations (Overlap)

NFPA’s CoSA States

Help Us Strengthen Our Fundraising Program

Walk Me Home is NFPA’s signature fundraiser for local groups of foster parents. We would like to expand that to include the national organization as well. Cox could help us do that at both the national level, and the grassroots level.

Ideas for Sponsorship Funding

  • Hands-on program management at the local level
  • Funding for program development and local affiliate implementation


  • Community Involvement and Visibility
  • Local connections/relationships

Help Us Increase our Networking Opportunities

Ideas for Sponsorship Funding

• Supporting or funding Regional or Local NFPA foster parent meetings and activities.
• Supporting the development of training programs and materials for foster parents, social workers and states.


  • Increased State and Local connections and relationships.
  • Networking opportunities for foster parents and state leaders.
  • Educational opportunities on parenting, health/wellness, trauma, etc., for foster parents and social workers.

Synergies: NFPATI, Education Conference

Centene was instrumental in helping NFPA develop our Foster Parent Training Institute – NAFPti and continues to sponsor this program.

Foster parents are required by most states to earn a specific number of hours of parent training. This enables NFPA to provide targeted training on topics such as trauma, health and wellness, and foster parent best practices from experts in the field of child welfare and care.

Centene is also one of the largest sponsors of NFPA’s annual education conference. A gathering where foster parents can network with peers, participate in workshops and receive training hours, and gain insight about legislative issues and policies.


Synergies: Membership Sponsorship, Coffee with Caregivers, Education Conference

United Healthcare has been an unwavering supporter of foster families. They have sponsored our membership drive, our annual education conference, CoSA, and they were instrumental in developing our Coffee with Caregivers video program serving up best practices for foster parents.

UHC also supports NFPA by providing us with a Board member for our Board of Directors.

Synergy: Options for Young Adults Beyond Foster Care

The US Navy participated in NFPA’s 53rd Education Conference as an exhibitor, one of our largest sponsors, and presenting at two of our education sessions.

The US Navy has options for young adults beyond foster care that includes housing, healthcare insurance, workforce training, and other benefits they may be seeking.

Synergy: Employee Giving Program

PayCom has an employee giving program which generously gifts us with a large sum each year for our general program development fund.

Synergy: Media/Advertising

Ritz provided us with media support by creating a professional advertisement for foster parent recruitment and support.

Synergies: A 'seat at the table' in developing the Center for Adoption Competent Mental Health Services

CASE included us as a partner, giving foster parents a seat at the table, in developing the Center for Adoption Competent Mental Health Services.

Synergy: Conference Exhibitors & Presenters, CoSA Meeting Host

NCMEC participated in NFPA’s education conference as exhibitors and providing three presentations on child safety.

They have also offered to host our CoSA Fall Legislative meeting in Washington, DC.


General Donations

NFPA offers several types of scholarships for both foster parents and youth, for continuing education, conference travel, and other networking, education or advocacy needs.


Yearly Foster/Adoptive Parent Tax Guide

Each year the NFPA partners with Bill’s Tax Service to provide tax recommendations for Foster, Kinship and Adoptive parents. This is one of our most popular resources.

'About the NFPA' TriFold

Can be customized for partners for use at  their own events.

Get in Touch with Executive Director Arnie Eby


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