Your membership in the NFPA is not about purchasing a personal membership benefits package to support your family; it is about investing in a better life for every child living with foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

Your membership dollars aren’t buying service for you and your family because the services of NFPA are offered freely to all foster, adoptive, and kinship families. Instead, your membership dollars show your support for keeping our services free for any family in need. This year alone, we answered the call of over 1,500 families needing help.

Your membership isn’t about getting free access to educational services for yourself and your family. Instead, it is about making sure ALL families that need academic supports can receive them. This year alone, the NFPA has provided 4,500 families educational services through our FREE online educational webinars and 10-minute rescues, and Coffee with Caregivers.

Your membership isn’t about making sure your personal story and voice are heard in our nation’s Capitol. Instead, it is about making sure that the unified foster, adoptive, and kinship voices are heard everywhere from each state capital to our nation’s Capitol. This year we provided that voice 15,500 times through our Council of State Affiliates, National child welfare coalitions meetings and calls to action, conferences, congressional letters, and testimonies.

Your membership isn’t about what you will purchase for yourself; it is about how you invest to ensure our services are freely provided to every family regardless of their ability to pay.

Joining the NFPA doesn’t just serve you; it helps you to serve others.

Won’t you take a moment to show your support of all foster, adoptive, and kinship families? Today, joining the NFPA is a gift you can give every child needing a loving, stable, and informed family.

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