The Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Georgia recently held their annual training conference at Jekyll Island.  It was a rousing success with 913 in attendance.  Congratulations to the President of AFPAG, Verdell Daniels, and his very able and dedicated Board of Directors for a job well done.  Thanks also, to DFCS for their incredible support of AFPAG and the conference.

I remember three years ago when I was able to attend the conference.  The attendance was just a few over 100 attendees.  The association had gone through some hard times and was barely hanging on.  That did not stop Mr. Daniels, their newly elected president, and the Board of Directors from hosting the conference and providing an excellent experience for all attendees.

Then, last year, I had the honor of attending again.  The 2015 conference had over 400 attendees.  Again, an awesome conference and experience for all in attendance.

I talked to Mr. Daniels recently about the success of AFPAG over the past three years and he attributes it to many things, but the main two things are the strength and commitment of his Board of Directors and the working relationship they have developed with their state agency.  Mr. Daniels described the open communication and mutual respect they experience with their state agency leadership and others around the state and how much he and his Board of Directors appreciate these relationships and their support.  He also mentioned some sponsors who assist them financially to better enable them to offer a great conference experience.

Way to go, AFPAG!
Irene Clements, ED. NFPA

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