Each committeeVolunteers within the National Foster Parent Association needs more volunteer committee members.  There is a place within NFPA for everyone willing to serve.  No matter your skill level, no matter your education or experience, there is a committee where you will fit right in!  We currently have 5 committees that may be joined by our members and volunteers.

The committees are:

  1. Audit Committee:  This committee is chaired by Peggy Kirby (kirp50@juno.com) and is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures, ensures timely audit takes place annually is is submitted to the IRS, and well as, audits expenditures for appropriateness and compliance with the annual budget.
  2. Governance Committee:  This committee is chaired by Bonnie McNulty ( bjmcnulty2@comcast.net) and is responsible for the development of NFPA Bylaws, Board of Director Policy and Procedure, and Strategic Planning.
  3. Programs Committee:  This committee is chaired by Karen Poteet (karenpoteet@cox.net) and is responsible for the identification and development of new programs, as well as, assessment of current programs within NFPA.  This committee has 5 subcommittees in the areas of:  Public Policy, Walk Me Home, Siblings, Diversity – Native American, LBGTQ, and Military, and Kinship Care.
  4. Finance Committee:  This committee is chaired by Patricia Moroney-Ghanem ( pmghanem@nfpaonline.org) and is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget, monitoring of the budget, ensuring funds are used wisely by the Board of Directors, and generating revenue.
  5. Membership Committee:  This committee is chaired by Stephanie Powell (spowell@nfpaonline.org) and is responsible for growing the NFPA membership, overseeing membership benefits, and covers 3 subcommittees on Communication/Social Media, Conference Planning, and Youth Scholarships.

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees/subcommittees, please let us know immediately!  We want to get you plugged in!  Email Irene Clements (iclements@nfpaonline.org), our Executive Director, or the Committee Chairs of your interest.

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