The National Foster Parent Association, in partnership with Hazelle Tanag, MSW and Eileen Mayers Pasztor, DSW, from the California State University, Long Beach School of Social Work are proud to introduce Building Bridges of Hope After Loss: A Self-Directed Workbook for Foster Parents.

Building Bridges of Hope After Loss is a self-directed workbook aimed to provide support for foster parents who are grieving the loss of children who joined their families but had to leave either to meet the requirements of the court’s permanency plan or other reasons. The learning objectives focus on learning: (a) what permanency is, (b) the benefits of family reunification, (c) the dynamics of grief and loss, (d) the symptoms associated with grief and loss, (e) coping strategies, and (f) activities that help families say good-bye to children who leave them and become “loss managers.”

This resource uses a self-directed design so that foster parents can work with this resource on their own, with other members of their families and/or other social workers or other service providers. This workbook includes both activities and resources for future support.

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Hazelle B. Tanag, MSW is a graduate student from California State University Long Beach, School of Social Work with a Child and Family Wellbeing concentration. Hazelle plans to work with children and families in the child welfare system after graduation. She aspires to become an adoption social worker. Hazelle is passionate about and dedicated to advocating for children and all their families.

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