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Voice for Adoption

Voice for Adoption

Voice for Adoption advocates for the 117,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted. NFPA Executive Director, Arnie Eby has joined their Board as a Lived Experience Voice of Foster Parents.

Ask Dr. Holmes

Question: How long will children need to take medication? I hate the thought of my children being on medication until they are well into their adult years, but if they are taking it due to a chemical imbalance then won't they always have a chemical imbalance? ...

Ask Dr. Holmes

Question: I'm confused as to why my kid was put on a "stimulant" for being hyper. That makes no sense to me. Answer: Thanks for asking this question – people often wonder about this. The current understanding of ADHD is that the primary difficulties have to do with...

The New & Improved NFPA Informer

The biweekly electronic newsletter of the National Foster Parent Association, The NFPA Informer, has taken on a new look and feel as of September 2015.  NFPA has partnered with to create our new interactive and very informative web-based newsletter, focused...

Vote on proposed resolution

All NFPA members will soon be receiving an electronic ballot asking for an affirmative vote on a new resolution presented to the NFPA Board of Directors on Aug. 3. This resolution regarding allowing access to original birth certificates and information to adult...

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