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The doctor we use doesn’t explain anything to us when we go to our medication appointments.  I don’t fully understand why my kids are taking the medications they take and how long they need to take them for.


This is a very important issue. As the caregiver, you are responsible for knowing as much as possible about the care your children are receiving. In fact, if you are expected to give consent for treatment, you deserve and should expect to be fully informed concerning treatment decisions.

In medical offices, appointment times can be hectic and it may be difficult to fully communicate at that time. However, it is reasonable, and it’s good medical care, for your provider to make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

If it’s difficult to get answers at the time of the appointment, you might ask if there is some other way to get your questions answered. If difficulties continue, then you will wait to get the support of your caseworker or placing agency in speaking with the provider. Remember, it is not an insult to ask reasonable questions, and a caring, high quality provider should not be offended by your need to be fully informed.

Please send medical questions about your foster children to askdrholmes@nfpaonline.org.

William Holmes, M.D. is the Senior Medical Director and Medical Director of Foster Care for Cenpatico Behavioral Health in Austin, TX.

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