What can I do to improve communication with my medication provider?

There are several strategies that foster parents can utilize to help improve communication:
1. Make sure your provider understands your needs and requirements concerning the need to receive consistent and comprehensive information concerning your child’s treatment.
2. Find out from your provider’s office the options available for communication with the office. Many providers now have arrangements for communication by phone, fax, email, text, and instant message. There are privacy rules concerning these types of communication, so you would need to make sure that the office has set up a secure network.
3. Check with your provider concerning his/her willingness to communicate between appointments.
4. Document any questions or concerns that you want to bring up at the time of the appointment. Don’t rely on your memory alone.
5. If you have difficulty communicating with your provider, discuss this with him/her. If difficulties continue, use your agency to try to get help with this matter.
Remember, it is your right and responsibility to be fully informed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to insist on getting the information you need.

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