Every year, on their birthdays, I send an email to the person in the placement who called me for my kiddos.  Today is Warren’s birthday. Here is the letter I sent to Steve.

Dear Steve,

I woke up this morning to a brand new six year old! Can you believe it’s already been six years since that day you called me to tell me about this perfect little mensch who needed a family? Six years! It’s kind of surreal actually.

I remember going to the hospital the day you called me. He was only twelve hours old when the nurses wheeled him out to me for the first time. He was so scrawny and smooshed up and kind of looked a little like Popeye because he had this thing he did with one side of his face being scrunched up, but I knew, the moment I laid eyes on him, that he was a special little boy. I remember telling him “Hi! I’m your mommy, and we’re going to be good friends!”

Steve, you gave me my best friend, my whole heart, the absolute love of my life. Did you know that? Did you have any idea of the profound change you would be the catalyst for when you came to my name and telephone number on the placement list? I think about how I almost missed that call, and I get cold chills. But my aunt assures me that he was meant to be with us, and that nothing could have changed that.

This past six years has been an incredible roller coaster of emotion and exploration and change. I’ve watched this little guy go from seven pounds and three ounces and 21 inches long to now over fifty pounds and fully four feet tall. I’ve watched him learn to crawl then walk then run – he’s now even a black belt in taekwondo! He’s gone from crying and babbling to arguing like a seasoned lawyer (I blame his father for that since he studied for the Bar Exam with Warren listening to the lectures). Every new skill has brought a deep sense of pride to my heart as I see this little ball of energy growing into the wonderful little human he is.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all butterflies, rainbows and puppies. We most definitely have our moments of discord – the arguing, tattling, fighting, defiance, inattention, irritability and all around grouchiness, but we have way more funny, affectionate, sweet, silly, happy, goofy, loving and kind moments.

This year Warren started kindergarten, learned to read and do math (better than his mama sometimes), graduated from Tiger Cubs with his black belt, learned how to do the breast stroke and flips off the side of the pool, conquered his fear of soaring by going on the huge swing ride at the fair, picked blueberries, got a new sister through fostering, taught his brother how to make fart sounds with his armpit, got a new cousin when Mandy married Aaron, learned how to crack eggs perfectly, went as Batman for Halloween, got a new pet hedgehog, sang in the choir, planted some tomatoes, went to Disney, and learned that hamburgers come from cows. He also made me laugh out loud with his terrible knock knock jokes, started singing to his sister when she was upset so he could calm her down, protected his little brother from the bigger kids at the park, learned how to skateboard, ride a two wheeled bike, and how to make a basketball goal.

I can’t even begin to tell you how different I am as a person now because of him. I’ve had to learn patience and calm – two things that do not come naturally to me at all. I’ve learned to see the world from a much different perspective, and I’ve also learned just how dumb I am because there are some questions he’s asked that I just have no idea how to answer (by the way, who is teaching my kid such big words???!!!???)! My heart has grown exponentially from all the love he’s given me. I just cannot even imagine my life without this little guy in it!

Steve, I’m sure you had no idea all of this would happen when you made that call, but it did. You changed the trajectory of his life and of mine. I am forever grateful to you for the work you do – and for bringing this monkey into my life!

Thank you. There aren’t enough words in the human experience for me to describe how grateful I am – but I’ll start with thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Happy birthday Warren Joshua! I am so happy to be your mommy!

Much love and many thanks,
Heather Rosenberg

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