Annual Membership Meeting

Annual meetings are our opportunity to cover a variety of topics regarding our contributions and accomplishments for the prior year with our Members and friends.

Annual Meeting 2023

Our 2023 Annual Meeting was conducted during our annual Education Conference in Reston, VA.

The infographic at right was used as our ‘status report’ for the prior year.

Annual Meeting 2022

This year’s Annual Meeting was broadcast on December 10th, 2022.

View the video at right, and download the Annual Impact Report below.

Annual Meeting 2021

The NFPA Executive Director and the NFPA President of the Board of Directors met on Saturday, October 2, 2021 to host the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting. Progress of the NFPA during 2020 was highlighted.

The Approved 2020 Meeting Minutes are found HERE.

Prior Annual Meeting recordings are available on our YouTube channel. 

What can the NFPA do to support you in your Fostering, Adoptive, or Kinship journey?  Contact us for assistance, advice on resources, or to get connected with a local resource group in your State.

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